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Retail And E-commerce Solution For U

#1 software retail, e-commerce & social-commerce in Africa.


I use Storefront by KudiGo to manage my inventory, track my sales, get alerts on expiring items and much more across 3 locations of my business!

GreenButterfly Shop - Accra

Trusted By Over 20,000 businesses in Africa

Software For Retail, E-commerce and more...

  • Manage Inventory
  • With KudiGo Storefront, your get to manage inventory, sales, suppliers, expenses, customers and more from one software; available on mobile, desktop and web

  • Accept Payments
  • With payment integrations across, Banks, Card & Mobile Money, accepting payments in-store and on-line is one-touch; with settlement done instantly to any wallet or bank account of your choice.

  • Sell On-line
  • Activate an on-line store for your business, connect to FB, WhatsApp and more sale channels with ease.

  • Engage Your Customers
  • Keep a record of all your customers; offer them discounts, send them messages and know what their preferences are at any time...

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Software For Wholesale

Software For Wholesale & Distribution & more

Our RapidGate software solution offers a complete distribution management system comprising of warehouse management, g, distribution, payments and sales modules all connected to your existing accounting or ERP solutions


Manage Your Warehouse with a Desktop, Cloud & Mobile Solution; digitize your BIN CARDS & Stock Records With ease..


Get a mobile POS to digitize invoices, predict demand and engage with all your customers with ease and convenience.


Process invoices and sales request at your convenience, get orders from multiple channels integrated with your accounting & ERP solution.


Accept payments, track your debtors, reconcile non-cash transactions and have an oversight of every single payment transaction.

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KudiGo Storefront Knowledge-base

Recently, a knowledge sharing interaction between us, at KudiGo, and beginner software students reiterated the importance of accessibility and ease in the midst of KYC, Payments Configurations, Payments Settlement, Regulatory laws etc.

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Digital Commerce In Africa

As a business owner in Africa, the problems that emerge daily never seem to stop. Petty, often avoidable problems rear their heads and derail business processes at all levels;

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Why We Invested, BFA Global & KudiGO

For vendors large and small, managing the day-to-day logistics of running a business is no small feat. Inventory must be tracked; costs and revenue must be accounted for; and, under COVID conditions, digital payments and home delivery managed to ensure customer ease and satisfaction.

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