Fully Mobile & Free To Use

KudiGo is built for android & iOS smartphones and tablets. The system is built to be used on devices running android 5.0 and above & iOS 10 and above. The application can be downloaded for free on the google play and apple app stores.

Compliant Accounting

KudiGo has at its core industry standard and complaint accounting systems based on GAAP & IFRS. All transaction are recorded in the required financial record such as balance sheets, P&L statement etc. We also support integrations with SageOne Accounting.

Payments Enabled

You can continue accepting cash payments and still use kudigo. Should you choose to go cashless, we offer you mobile money, card payment even gift vouchers. Our OPEN API's ensure that you are able to seamlessly integrate with your preferred payment processor in your home country.

Reporting & Analytics

Our in-built data analytics and reporting tools ensures that you have a Broadview of your business performance with metrics and information that really matter to you and are applicable to what you do!

Inventory System

Our inventory system is built to take care of the entire business process, from suppliers to warehousing. We take note of everything you do and we can give you answers where no on else can!

Block Chain Enabled

KudiGO is built on the principle of transparency, accessibility and affordability. As such our API is blockchain enabled ensuring that there is total transparency along the retail value chain for all stakeholders.