KudiGo is here to support your business!

We understand the need to know what is happening in your business and be able to predict the outcome of decisions you make. Its for this reason that we built KudiGO. The power to drive your business is now in your hands!

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KudiGO Premium

The Premium Offer

KudiGO premium offers you much more than just a retail and point of sale system. With KudiGO premium, you account is integrated into SageOne accounting, which ensures that every data you enter, is stored in a legally complaint accounting system. This enables you to

  • Generate financial reports
  • Take Care Of VAT
  • Connect and reconcile your bank account
  • Get detail reports and insights
  • Get support from certified accountants

KudiGO Savings & Loans

Using KudiGO premium qualifies you to access low interest loans offered by KudiGO via our banking partners. This enables you to

  • Instantly request and recieve loans based on your usage of kudigo
  • Create a savings account which automatically allocates part of your revenue as savings for you
  • Get instant credit to buy new products and assets.

3rd Party Mobile Accessories

KudiGO premium allows you to connect to a range of 3rd party mobile accessories for easy running of you business. These incldes:

  • Compatible with bluetooth/wifi enabled mobile printers
  • Compatible with bluetooth/wifi enabled barcode scanners
  • Compatible with bluetooth/wifi enabled cash registers
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  • "KudiGo is 80% cheaper than any other retail POS solution on the market"

    Enterpise grade technology serving as an enabler for micro-sme's in the consumer retail space.

  • "Efficient use of data captured ensures that retailers can use such data for credit facilities, thereby making them financially inclusive"

    Enterpise grade technology serving as an enabler for micro-sme's in the consumer retail space.

  • "Easy updates and upgrades ensures that Kudigo users are always covered at no extra cost"

    Enterpise grade technology serving as an enabler for micro-sme's in the consumer retail space.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use KudiGo with my own Tablet?

Yes you can. KudiGo is available for download on the Android playstore.

Do you provide hardware support?

Yes. We offer you a complete solution which includes the kudigo application and its related hardware i.e. tablet device, tablet holder and mobile printer.

What accessories does KudiGo support?

KudiGo supports every accessories needed to run a retail shop, so long as the device is bluetooth/wifi enabled, kudigo will connect to the device.

Customer Service

Do I pay for the SageOne seperately?


The cost of SageOne accounting is included in your software purchase ensuring you have a wholistic solution. Click here to chat with a customer service agent Customer service


Can I do a bulk upload of products on KudiGO?

Yes you can. Bulk upload is available to premium users via the SageOne web portal. Click here to chat with a customer service agent. Customer service

Does KudiGO scan barcodes?

Yes, the KudiGO app has a built in barcode scanner. This can be accessed when adding products and when making a sale.

How many agents can I add to my shop?

You can add as many agents as you want your KudiGo store. There is no limit.

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