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Every time we walk into a corner shop in Africa and see our technology being used to grow and scale a business, it's a reminder of why we built KudiGo. There's no greater feeling than knowing we're making a difference.

Kingsley Abrokwah, Chief Enabler

Improve Efficiency and Provide Better Experiences!

Its Not Business As Usual

The lack of technology access for micro and small retailers in Africa hinders their ability to grow and scale their businesses. KudiGo's innovative mobile-first solution bridges the technology gap and empowers retailers to streamline inventory management, simplify payment processing, and reach new customers. By empowering small businesses, KudiGo is playing a pivotal role in the growth and development of Africa's economy.

By offering a complete digital commerce platform, with a #NoCode e-commerce building, and seamless integrations for payments, marketing, social commerce and much more, we have created the definite platform to grow commerce in Africa.

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The Journey

Redefining Consumer Retail In Africa


We developed our first MVP storefront witn initial roll-out in Ghana & Nigeria


Closed our pre-seed fund-rasing led by Founders Factory Africa; achieved prpduct market fit with over 400% month on month growth in orders processed.


Pivoted our offering in response to covid with create a wholistic product suite with different customer channels and white-lable offerings for all stakeholders. We achived a monthly order volume of 500k across our platform, launched a no-cash e-commerce and integrated whatsapp business for social commerce


Secured funding from Catalyst Fund & Google Black Founders Fund to scale up our efforts on digital commerce literacy for our merchanrs and to create value added solutions for them.


Levegraging on our data and growth to create value added offerings such as micro-lending, social commerce shopping and a market place for VAS solutions across board.

KudiGo is an African owned, US & UK incorporated startup with legal entities operating in Ghana and Nigeria. Our flagship solution is Storefront, which forms the core of all our value added offerings.


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