Payments On Storefront

Storefront is connected to BOG certified payment gateways to offer you options for accepting payments.

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Storefront Payments

Getting Paid With Ease!

Accept Mobile Money

Using our payment processing allows you to accept payment from any mobile money wallet; user gets the prompt to authorize, you get notified of payment!

Accept Card Payment

You can accept card payments such as VISA & Master-card on-line or by sending your customer an invoice with a payment link; upon payment you get a notification and email to confirm the transaction

Charges & E-Levy

Charges on our payment processing are capped at 1% for both Mobile Money & Card Payments. Charges such as e-levy and network charges are payable by the customer buying from you.

How We Pay You

Our settlement process ensures that you get paid for all collections done on your behalf on the next working day for mobile money and +2 working days for card payments. The payment is made to either your bank account or mobile money wallet.

Using Our Short-code

Get your own Short-code to use for collecting payment on Storefront, set-up is FREE and we offer you branded materials for your customers to know how to pay you!

Settlement Reports

We send you settlement reports to help you now exactly how much as been collected and how much to expect in payments.

If you have any questions or need help, feel free to chat with us via whatsapp here Chat With Support

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Frequently asked questions

No you wont! According to the e-levy regulation, instant payment from one bank account to another will attract the e-levy; this simply means when we pay to your bank account the following day, you wont be charged e-levy for that transaction.

The short-code is FREE, you do not have to pay to use it, you simply need to meet the minimum monthly transaction volume we agree on with you.

Our charges start from as low as 1% on all collections we do on your behalf.

KudiGo works with approved payment processing companies and banks such as GT Bank, Juni Pay, Nsano etc to process your payments.

Our system implements measures to limit fraud and we are always improving upon our fraud mitigation measures.

We currently do not directly offer POS Payments. We are able to assist in getting a POS from one of our bank partners.

No we are not; Storefront by KudiGo is not a payment system, we work with other payment system to process payments on our platform

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